Volunteers Needed

Youth Volunteers (Click here for Youth application)

You must be in at least the 7th grade. You can serve as a juror for the traffic and non traffic cases on any set court date. You must arrive to check in at 5:00pm on those dates and must be dressed appropriately. As a juror, you will hear a case and then deliberate the case to determine the punishment for the offender.
8th graders and above may train to be a teen attorney. As an attorney you will be a prosecuting or defense attorney and you will try the non-traffic cases. You must sign up to be trained as a teen attorney. Trainings are held approximately three times per year.

Adult Volunteers (Click here for Adult application)

Adult volunteers serve as bailiffs, courtroom attendants, or community service assistants during the courtroom sessions or help with the training of our teen attorneys. Adults may also serve as Midland Teen Court board members.
Local attorneys may also serve as a master jury judge during the court sessions.

Volunteer Applications
To volunteer, please complete either the youth or adult volunteer application. You may do one of the following options to submit a volunteer application:
~ print a copy and mail to the Midland Teen Court office (615 W. Missouri, #226, Midland, TX 79701)
~ print a copy and fax to the Midland Teen Court office (689-1087)
~ print a copy and email to kpresley@midlandteencourt.org